Lofoten, may 2013.


During polar night its hard to remember there even was a summer, so we had to remind ourselves that it actually happend.

Good thing we have our smartphones.. Its so smart that it can actually make videos! Hurray!!

So heres a film from our first festivaljob this year, springtime in northern Norway. Herborg is taking a bath in the supercold ocean! That crazy gal

(Elijazzen in Lofoten).

Kisses from the "Bonbonitas" <3

Dear santa..

Dear santa..

All we want for christmas is for you to somehow give us an opportunity to play a gig in Nashville.. That would be awesome.

Wed also like for everyone to have a heck of a time this christmas! That would be awesome too.. Oh yeah, btw... Kine really wants a goat.

Lots of love:

The "BonBonitas"

Well hello there!!!


Our first blogpost! This is awesome!!

Today we had the honour of singing a couple of songs at the university of Troms.

It was a perfect day for music, and it seemed like the audience felt the same thing. What an amazing reception! Thank you (for the music)

Stay tuned

Bonbonitas <3

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The BonBons

The BonBons

30, Troms

Hi! We are a band from northern Norway, you know where the northern lights rule the sky during polar night, and the sun never sets in the summer. Our genre is a mix between folkrock, country and pop. The band: Kine Yvonne Berntsen -Lead vocal, guitar & mandolin, Julie Alapnes -Fiddle & vocal, Herborg Rundberg -Piano & vocal. We'll use this blog to update our fans on our latest news Enjoy! Best regards: The "BonBonitas" booking: kjempebon@gmail.com



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